Icelandic Sheep Starter Flocks

Icelandic Sheep Starter Flocks

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We will have a limited number of starter flocks available in spring 2024.

Typically, starter flocks consist of 1 or more rams, plus 2 or more ewes.

Compose your own starter flock, registered or unregistered, with a spectrum of fleece colors!  Additional animals without individual listings on our website may be options for a starter flock, so planning with us is key.

Prices will vary depending on your choices, with $825 being a value of 3 unregisterable individuals, with pricing increasing for registered/eligible for registry with the Icelandic Sheep Breeders Association. 

Give us a call - we'd love to help you compose your perfect flock for fiber, breeding, or even as pets.  We have many individuals of Leadersheep bloodline. 

Price includes veterinary certificate as needed. Please call Darrin at 608/ 345-1916 to arrange pick up.

ATTENTION:   For the 2023-24 season, all Ewes are sold as part of starter flocks only.