About Our Animals

Icelandic Sheep are considered a triple purpose breed as they are raised for their meat, fiber, and mik.  Their meat is known for its mild, almost sweet flavor. Their fiber is prized by knitters and hand-spinners for its softness, workability, low lanolin content, and of course, warmth.  We confess, we haven't tried milking our ewes, but we've heard Icelandic Sheep milk is rich, creamy and super-high in nutrient content.   As the name implies, these sheep were originally brought to North America from Iceland. They are known for their heartiness, and independent personalities. 

Wool of Icelandic Sheep is double-coated, consisting of "tog", a longer, outer fleece layer that protects from the elements and a shorter, softer, downy inner layer called "thel" that provides immense warmth.  Our yarn includes both fibers, which are first carded and then spun together.

Picnicing on an occasional grain treat

American Guinea Hogs are known for their finely marbled "red" meat, with a higher fat content and a richer flavor than today's commercial hog breeds, many of which are bred to produce "white" meat.  Guinea hogs are also very sustainable to grow; on pasture they graze on wild plants, requiring far less feed than conventional breeds.  They grow more slowly and on average are smaller than typical modern breeds.